The day I failed for real.

You know, you never fail until you give up.

Tomas edision did not fail 10000 times, just found that many ways it could not happen.

Since my college days I have choosen less travelled path.

A path nobody will understand, nobody can help, everyone would ask question, you have to create your own path, adversity and difficulties are always there to hunt you.

Today I am in the train to bangalore and I have in my mind that I will get a job giving good money and get settled.

Change once in a while to get raise and marry a girl and live the life of everyone else.

It never felt bad at all but the world is trying to shape you this way.

A day before I was in a friends house and her father told me things that a typical mediocre would say.

His rubbish idea seemed matter to him too much.

It impacted me and that is what went wrong.

Creatinv own path in the middle of a herd is something that needed to be appreciated but these people pull down.

The way he said that he almost convinced me this is rubbish.

But his thought process is just shit.

What were some example?

Money is everything.

One can’t be more wrong than that.

I remember once talking to my grandfather.

He was saying about the earlier marriage system.

Whenever the family of the women come to see the groom, they see how much land they possess.

Today people see how much money that guy make and soon we are going to see portfolio size of stock and worth of crypto they possess.

You see, what used to carry so much importance is changing with time.

This nowhere makes anything less important but how can a variable thing be the most important in life? Just a question.

The most important thing in life is life itself.

The fact that we are alive and breathing is the most important thing since the beginning of the earth and till the end of the earth.

If you are alive and living well, having money or no money in pocket is an invalid question.

But people think it is impossible to live well without money. but this is vary much a real possibility, it is just that people are not keen enough to observe the reality.

We think that is real what society says us.

Again this is verymuch experiential that what society is teaching you to do, follow the path they followed clearly not working.

70% not liking their job, increasing rate of anxiety and depression, still people are not opening their eyes and asking what is wrong!

Clearly a large number of people are not living in real. They are dying in installments. It is very easy to observe but just because it is very easy people are ignoring it.

Avoiding more work.

These people are still in the mentality of how to not to do a single thing and get more money.

This is the mindset that brings curruption into the system.

When that same system happens against you, you feel why people are not honest.

When we start keeping people before everything else then only we can be honest.

Unfortunately, money is the only factor why these people work and I feel pity for them.

Why there is no interest of making a wonderful tomorrow?

What fascinate you to live more?

What makes your life worthwhile?

What work you do eventually fulfills your life.

This is not something that you should choose like eating a chocolate.

This is the best way to live miserable if you avoid your work.

The point is people like something and dislike something. Something is important and something is not.

People judge things based on this for their pride.

Unless you are in Samadhi, you have to work, there is no escape.

Your karma will not leave you.

Every work should be done out of passion and love as an offering.

You should be volunteer in your life at every instance of time.

Avoiding work and goinng home early to fight with your spouse doesnot make your life better.

There is no work life balance, there is no 9-5. Life is on every single time till you die and so the work.

Either you have something to do and if not just do nothing and least you can do is sit without a thought in mind.

That’s how it is working.

Don’t listen to anyone, not even me, just see yourself, pay your attention, it will be crear like crystal.

I am feeling like a looser to prove others wrong.

I know the path that I am walking on is best one.

But it is essential to prove.

Not for myself but for some other people. If they are proven wrong atleast someone else will not lose hope.

So I am heading to do a job and offer myself and follow the tradional path and then the less travelled one.

I will be a live proof living both the life happily because there is no likes and dislikes and everything is important.


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