Should I choose spirituality or Typical life?

I cried more times today than in the entire 2-3 years.

Today I have two options…

1. to become a full-time volunteer at isha
2. Become a teacher for +2 as you always wanted to be.

But there is a problem with being a volunteer
1. they are not allowing for full-time.
2. I have a few things to be done
3. If one wants to be a volunteer isha is not the only place. Live if the place, in every part of life you can be.

2. Becoming the teacher.
This always had my backup plan, and I have not used it.
this was the first mistake from where it all started and why I cried so many times alone.

In august 2020, I stopped studying thinking I can make my living out of youtube only and that made me quit studying.

That thought was based on money.
That if I would earn it won’t be seen. but today when I don’t earn money I keep on saying it does not matter when it clearly does, a lot.

So, that is what I am going to do now. as always starting life from zero.

these 20 days as I am here in Bangalore I am going to study +2 physics from its origin to ultimate. 24/7 this will be my only concern that when I will go for any interview they would say this teacher is worth it.

Rishika went back to software and I think it is my time to go back to my field.

there is too much money in this field but one needs to have the degree and knowledge.

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