A feeling of worthlessness to an intense life.

If you have time to feel bad and regret, you are not living it intensely.

Swapneswar Barik

Recently, I saw the status of one of my friends’ WhatsApp. There was a lady speaking to the other person and was mentioning the situation of some people in this world.

“What are you doing… No idea, What is happening… no idea, you have no friends.., no one is with you, you came like this and one day you will die like this.”

This worthlessness is not experienced by some people but by a whole lot of people.

When you see you are working your ass off to make money so that you can party and travel the world and enjoy a luxurious life but it is not happening.

On the other hand, your friends and people around you seem to be doing the same. Every now and then you are seeing some status of other people enjoying and you are in a deep sense of missing out.

The truth is you really are…

  • But does that mean you should go out and party?
  • Does that mean you should marry and plan your honeymoon trip?
  • Does that mean you should leave everything and sit at home?

Well no.

If you pay a good amount of attention you will realise it is not about the nature of the work because of which you are feeling so but the intensity with which you are doing it.

Any work if you manage to do with great intensity, nothing will matter to you.

Do this experiment…

Ask a cricketer whould you like to win a last ball match or a night party at a 5star pub?

The answer is simple.

Whichever work you are doing if you intensely go about it you will not feel you are missing out on this.

Recently I left my job and our performance was so good that the company was about to give us award, incentives of ₹15000, sports earbuds worth ₹18900 and ofcourse there was a part for everyone.

I would not say they did not matter to me but I know the path that I am walking there is no sense of regret.

The sense of regret is only when you are thinking you miss out on something that you could not create later.

But when it comes to me… I have paid enough attention to all of this which boils down to a few things such as… Happiness, Money, Relationship.

Do you think I can’t create or you can’t create the same?

Now, comparatively when they were spending time partying I am planning for my sadhnapada.

It is something for which I can leave everything.

The reason is it satisfies something that I can’t create by myself which is way beyond happiness, money, relationship.

It is not as dynamic as they are doing but when you sit with a deep sense of devotion it pick the pace infront of which nothing seems worthy.

This is not only because sadhana matters to me but it can happen with every small thing that doesn’t matter but if you do it with great intensity it satisfies that need.

I remember everytime I go for volunteering at Isha, they give me some sort of a work that I am not experienced of neither I am passionate about but I do the best of what I can do. I keep on doing it and at the end it just feels very satisfying.

To be honest there is no comparison and neither I should do. I have just did it so that I can speak about the same time.

However, I hope It have given you enough perspective that life is not about missing out and feeling worthless because you are not doing what other are doing. But you should do something intense enough that you won’t have time to feel anything of this sort.

Right now I am traveling in a train and the passenger in front of me eating some delicious food, it doesn’t mean I don’t like that, neither I am denying the creaving for it but intensity with which I am writing is what matters more than the food.

It is in everything.

You don’t to find a specific kind of work so that you can do it but with anything that you are doing you can do it.

Intensity, compassion, detachment is what you need.

It is not difficult to understand that once you start doing things like this money will get attracted towards you…

Save soil ₹50 experience, ₹200 coupan yogeswara consecration, ₹200 dropping S1 pro to some car and helping someone to find his BMW.

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