You are always better than them! Stop comparing

Sometimes being from a regualar background and not having the experiences that people have we underestimate ourselves.

My experience as IMC

From last a few days, I am attending IMC training and the way the host explaining is terrible. I can do 10x better job than him.

I am sure he has the knowledge with him otherwise he would not have been hired but the teaching skills and the knowledge is literally terrible.

It felt like people are just going into jobs that they are not enjoying or keen to learn. No enthusiasm, no excitement. It feels like just give them a fixed salary they will not come to work.

When you learn from that kind of people you won’t grow.

What I am?

I am far superior in that case. what he was explaining I could explain that in much better way.

The authority has always been how long you survived or how early you joined. Experience is not supposed to be measured based on how long someone has been there in the industry but how many project and how many big task he/she has achieved or what was his/her approach towards that.

What is experience?

Imagine, if someone is doing one particular thing for 10 years and another person is doing the same thing for 3 years we call the person with 10 years spent is more experienced. and that is true tioll some extent.

However, there are no major difference in between these two. and it is possible that if the guy who spend only 3 years could be more enthusiastic, passionate about what he does.

who do you think is best between them?

The thing is this. inorder to learn something one can waste the entire week if he/she has in hand but an enthusiastic person will do it over night. It will be very unfair if we judge them on the basis of time they have sent.

If you can do a certain thing in 1 day but spending a whole week, we won’t call it building experience but wasting time.

How can you be more mature?

I had a friend in DDIP.

She was divorced and mother of a young boy. She was once talking to me about life and I shared my perspective to hear nd she said, “how can you be so matured at this age?”

Well, the answer is experience.

Age is just a number. Whatever I have experienced in my life and what I have observed, gave me an advantage over the people who have just passed the time.

One of the things that I do often is reflect on my KARMA.

I acknowledge if it’s a good one and I accept if it’s a mistake. I respect all my decisions and never have regret even if they comeout as wrong because I learn from them. That learning from the experience makes everything worth it.

When I warned her.

I had a girl in my life and the relationship was wonderful.

One day she had to go to a far place for studies. Everything was good between us. There were no issues even if it was a long distance relationship.

Then all of a sudden everything changed.

Her affair

She started having an affair with someone else.

Guess what, I have warned her about it not only once but twice. on the phone and another day in text. I have explained that why this is possible and how it is going to happen. When it will happen, what she is supposed to do, I have also made it clear but she did opposite.

Then I got to know about that aswell.

She is hiding stuffs to me. So I warned that you are not understanding the support that I am giving as your boyfriend where another boyfriend could move away buy blaming you as a cheater. I am here to support you. I am here to help you.

She did not understand. She played with me. She lied to me. I tried to convince her, make her understand what she is doing and how she could regret all of this, but she did not understand any of this.

I was waiting

I kept waiting fro 5 months for her to come back.

But she got into another guy.

I even changed my place so that she could change her mind. but nothing changed nad everything remains same.

I knew she is in serious problem. But there was a limit, how long could I wait for her. after a certain period, I lodt all the emotional attachments towards her and I accepted that she is gone. That is the moment I stopped talking to her and she started realising everything that had told to her that how she was going to feel in future.

Her guilt

Now, she has no option but to feel all those emotions and I know she will get over them but it is going to take so much time of her.

The only reason I could see the future of her is because I have observed such things in the past. I have experienced such things in the past.

My Past

I had done the almost similar thing with another girl. I am not yet out of that regret but somewhere i learnt a lot from that experience and promised my self that no more cheating, I will be honest. i sill be supportive. i will not shout at her but support her at every instance.

Somewhere I compensated as much as possible.

When I called her after a long time she said, “Yes, I have forgiven you”. She might have. and may be I am not sorry about it too. but there is a guilt inside that will remains same.

Still I am going to appreciate of that KARMA because if I would not have done that I would have learnt anything new.



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