#20 Can you See Sadhguru touchable distance ?

Something is wrong!

When I was working inside the office I sensed something weird.

There was nothing wrong.

They were deep cleaning the area.

and nobody was going to the end of the office but staring from the distance.

That’s Sadhguru.

I kept working.

People gathered next to me but I did not notice. Suddenly when my eyes fall upon them I knew what it is…

All of them standing folding their hands.

I got up and from where I sit, there was a open space through which I can see from a different angle better than others.

And I got up and he was there.

This was the closest distance.

He remained inside of a room for several hours and in the evening I went for the pradakshina.

I came back after Pradakshina and right then he came out.

I was alone and this time in the front but as other see Sadhguru came out they rushed and came in front of me.

But I remein there.

He turned towards us and said, ” Make it happen huh”

He looked very dynamic and energetic at the same time. What was really difficult for me to believe that he kept talking about Spirituality his entire life.

If there is no substance then it would not have been possible.

Even the movements they they are starting. He is still on and going after it with same pace.

People went slow after the 100 days and 30,000 kilometres journey but he is on.

Why did I cry?

1st glimpse of Sadhguru.

I remember I saw him in Naga pratistha for very first time.

He looked tiny.

I was 50-60 meters away from him

Looking at a screen made more sense.

But it felt the same as if I am watching from a phone.

Later he passed right next to me but it was so fast that I did not see him.

Volunteers meet.

This time I saw him with less crowd and he came so close that I could record a video in my phone.

I was 20-30 meters far from him.

Sadhguru Darshan

There was Sadhguru Darshan at the Ashram and I left my seva early to get there.

I wanted to make sure to see him fom as close as possible.

So, from 3 hour before the event started we were sitting.

and I saw him this time from as close as 10 meters.

That was the day I shiver when I saw him, merely because of his presence.

Could I touch his feet?

If you ever see him from close then that has to be un expected.

Later when I was doing Balance sadhana.

I thought maybe I could ask to touch his feet.

What would he have possibly replied?

I knew I can’t dot that until I go and interview him.

Just when I imagined myself on the dice with him.

I told myself the brutal truth that…

” I can’t pretend to be competent enough to sit with you, I can’t pretend smart enough to ask questions to you, I know I am an ignorant and I have no interest in asking questions, just take me in your lap guru “

I imagined myself falling on his feet.

Because, I can touch his feet without his permission then.

and just the ignorance I have and the pain of it made me cry.


Is also the way to find him.

If it is possible then certainly that dimension will also be explored and taken.

The seeker must go to the extent that is possible.

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