Why the path of a Married monk?

Why Brahmacharya?

Today, when a baby takes birth, they make it sleep on its back.

This baby spends a significant amount of time looking at the ceiling and the fan, the lights and some spider webs.

It is normal for a person to wonder when there are so many things around you all of a sudden.

It was dark, you had closed your eyes, but the next moment everything is colourful.

That baby grows old, and within 3-4 years they mostly start speaking.

But, still, there is a fan in the ceiling and now you know it is not part of nature.

You don’t discover it while digging the ground.

Humans made it.

It throws air! Such a wonderful invention.

Have you asked, “Where did it come from?”, “How does it work?”

Trust me only a handful of people wonder like that.

If you are one of them it is not difficult for you to understand that there is nothing in the universe that is identically the same.

Even a blade of grass is not the same with another if you observe it.

What a fantastic world.

How it got manifested?

Maybe somebody sitting up there who made it?

If he made it all then who made him?

If he is self created then why not everything can’t be self created.

This is a dead end for sure.

But so far science has discovered.

There is a planet, then the galaxy, universe, cosmos and then beyond.

Now, in the infinite darkness, how do all of these get manifested?

How can one live peacefully when he clearly knows that he is unaware of his own existence?

And on top of that human beings are not created like any other animal but they are given the power and intelligence to ask fundamental questions like ‘Who am I?’.

What is going on?

Is it a computer simulation?

If you ever try to know about computer games then you would know that the games are designed with certain computer languages.

Some are designed with such sophistication that it feels almost real.

And the games are stored on a server which has multiple times more space than the amount of space taken by the game.

Now, imagine if a character of the game starts noticing the basis of their creation, what would he find?

Only zeros and ones.

And also they will find that there are more empty spaces than where they are living.

Sometimes, I feel maybe there is a player playing some games with us.


One thing is clear from this that the manifestation of existence is beyond our minds to understand.

Now, there comes someone in the name of the guru who says, ” You can perceive it, I can help you with that?”

So, all you would do is try to use your mind to understand the guru and the existence but both ways you fail but then you just do what they say. Since you know nothing.

Why would you believe in someone?

There is nothing to believe or disbelieve.

It is that someone is saying I have the answer but the problem is that we would like to find the answer in the form of logical explanation, which is not possible.

Because the question is not a logical one but an experiential one.

Even if I convince you with my words then also it is worthless because it is not yet in your experience.

All you are doing is exploring the possibility.

So, the focus is more on the exploration and experience than who is the person teaching all of this.

It doesn’t matter as long as you feel it is not harmful in anyway. Because the pain of ignorance must go. If you see a small source of light, it is worth it to use that.

Why to do that? Why would you want to look for something that you know you can’t perceive when you have a beautiful world where if you put in the same effort then you will get something or achieve something?

A valid question.

Why go for the unknown?

Because the known is not reliable.

If you are looking for pleasure, then you will achieve it here and there then you lose it.

If you achieve money and fame, you will lose it.

If you have a good family, you will lose it.

You may think you are accumulating everything that is making you happy but it is the same fuss that is being repeated in your life.

All the efforts are put in order to make your life beautiful and once it becomes beautiful you don’t enjoy that much and you want something more.

I don’t know how I born, and I don’t know when will I die.

What happens to me after I die?

So, it seems like reality is more like a trap.

Or maybe I was trap before and now I have got the freedom!

Which way is it true?

The exploration must happen.

Why do you think you are something more than that?

If you look at the earth, it is just some substance.

It has no life.

But when you see a human being you see he is living.

But if you pay attention then you would see in the name of a human being what you are seeing is nothing but a piece of the earth, converted into food and then converted into a human being. An intelligent cyclical process of transforming itself into many different forms. That explains the fact that how is nature manifesting in various different ways.

How can a non-living thing come alive?

What did change?

What is there inside a body?

In another way when a person dies the body becomes a piece of earth.

Well, the body has always been the piece of heart but there was something within because of which it was alive. What happened to that life after death?

That is the question if someone is alive then there has to be one life and the life is not exactly the same as the body.

Why do you think you have experienced Everything? / Do you know how many things that you have never experienced?

Certainly, I have not and no one can experience everything that is out there.

let me tell you a story of my childhood.

Whenever there used to any fair. I used to go with my father.

Different games, Different toy shops, different food.

Whenever used to see them I used to think I wish that the entire shop becomes mine.

But unfortunately that never used to happen. Because I never asked for it neither I rant for it.

But my father was kind enough to pay for some.

There I had a thought, if I have this one and next year I can have another one and upcoming year I can have another then how many years do I need to get the entire shop mine?

But unfortunately, that is not the right approach because

  1. If he has 1000 items I can’t live here for thousand days.
  2. What will I do with those toys when I grow old?
  3. The happiness will not last.

I remember it because any toy that I used to bring, I used to enjoy it for some days and then it used to break or lose.

Technically the idea of having everything is not practical because even if I am managing to get them all there will be more toys in other shops.

This is an endless pursuit.

That is the problem with physical…

  1. You can’t gather everything because you are limited.
  2. It does not give any enhanced feeling than the older one.

The experience of the new toys is almost similar to the old ones.

If we talk about achieving anything in the material world, then the root reason is the pleasant experience.

The happiness because of which people are doing all of this.

So, in that context, I have tasted something much higher and something much lower than whatever now will i achieve that will come in that range of happiness.

if you give me something beyond my experience then only I am interested in it otherwise I don’t want it.

what if it is something that you have not experienced before?

that is what I said.

I can’t experience everything because I don’t have time.

And if it is going to give me the feeling that I have already tasted then I don’t want it.

In that context, whatever you will give me outside I will discard it saying I have tasted it. I am done with this.

Not because I have done that literally but because what that thing will do within me has been done many times by more simple things than that and the time effort, and energy that is required to generate that amount of happiness might not be worth it if I can sit here and experience the same.

One of the reasons why people go around the world in the name of travel is because of the newness but in the end same water same trees same life.

If you sit here, everything is there.

If the emotion is the game, then why not focus on the emotion? why is it about achieving something?

What is the easiest and better way to find it?

Is it reliable?

Even if you answer all of those questions you will agree on this one with me that this is not constant.

The happiness that you get from outside triggers is very limited.

That is why there is a need for constant sources.

I know sex feels amazing but I can’t do that all day long.

I know drinking, at the party feels amazing but I would end up destroying the body because of that.

Now to explore and experience the constant source of bliss within not just happiness,

you come to yoga.

…And now Yoga.

Why do I believe that there is something that I know behind the curtain?

Well, there is a creation, if it got created in the infinite darkness and made so beautifully then I must know how it got manifested.

Since my sense of perception doesn’t seem enough to perceive beyond, I am approaching something different.

I am going beyond the mind and brain.

Because I know if there is a different me and mind then there has to be some intelligence that is acting constantly within me.

I just wanted to know if someone created all of this or if it is me who created all of this but has no idea of it.

The second one sounds really weird but makes more sense.

Maybe I am the creator because unconsciously I am creating this body and this human being what if I become conscious?

If I go in that way, then everything seems just individual to me but they are nothing but the extension of me.

They have their own way of doing things but deep down it is me only who is managing all of this.

I dont know what’s the truth.

Just ignorant guess to satisfy the pain of ignorance but I must know the truth.

And that is what yoga means.

A path to make you realise of your oneness with everything.

Yoga = Union =Integration.

When did you masturbate last time?

Sex desire will pick the pace!

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