#21 Presentation that cracks people up!

Every Friday in the E- Media group of Sadhanapada and other Volunteers, we do a presentation.

One of us would present some topic.

I have attended two of them and they were nearly boring.

I am not saying in disregard to anybody they did have really good intension to provide something to everybody. But generally, presentations are like that only unless you intentionally make them interesting.

But I always go with the intention of playing games and experiencing something interesting other than lectures.

Now, since we are stupid people, giving Gyan about anything just makes it ugly.

So, I thought about it that if I get a chance then I would make it funnier than a boring presentation.

So, I had planned in my mind.

I had seen a swami looking for his chappal in the chappal stand here in the ashram near Biksha Hall.

This is the story of all residents here.

Mostly they forget where they left their chappal and now they just go on looking for them but they don’t find them

So I had to make a [presentation about it because it must be something that they must remember and can put to use.

So, this week, Rishi Anna came and asked the anna next to me that “You will make the presentation today”

And he said, ” No”

I replied, ” Can I make it?”

he gave me permission.

I made the whole presentation the same day only with the jokes and all the funny dialogue and acting added to each slide.

I thought all of it is funny because during making the presentation I was laughing my ass off.

I was really surprised, how am I going to present that?

Because if you want to pass some feeling you have to hide it.

IN acting if you manage to hold your cry as an actor people would cry.

That is why if you see, the funniest comedian doesn’t laugh but just punch their line.

So, I completed the slide on the same day.

I wanted to make a podcast with others about the Ashram and Sadhanapada, which got a flop. So, the questions that I had prepared to ask in that podcast, I put them here.

Now, My presentation is ready.

the day came and I presented.

A few hours before the presentation I was not feeling energetic but when I went in I slipped into that mood.

I had planned a few things which did not happen.

The jokes that I had planned did not land.

But mostly what I planned got me enough laughs and intense engagement.

It was fun, interesting and engaging.

My intro to the presentation was…

If 1 is mango, and 2 is banana then where did you leave your chappal at the chappal stand?

So, that seems irrelevant but by the end of the presentation, it did give a logical answer.

I knew If I was allowed to give the presentation I will set a bar. because in terms of knowledge or in terms of tricks I have equipped myself for a long time now.

So, whatever I did it seemed very natural. but it was purely skills of presentations.

There was an anna who came up to me at the end and said, “It was really amazing man”

The next day, he said ” You are the second person from Odisha who is funnier after BIswa Kalyan Rath”

Obviously, he did not see others but still someone comparing me with Biswa?

That is a terrible comparison.

But the presentation was really funny that I am sure.

Two Akkas still tease me with “Attention”

One akka about whom I made up a story today saw me taking 4 pieces of watermelons and she teased me because of that.

So, overall I have made such an impression that it remains after the presentations well.

That is what mattered.

A lot of uncertainties came in the way.

That is exactly how it was supposed to happen.

I can’t expect it should happen the way I expected. because that would have been boring for me.

I liked the way people responded and it created an impact in people’s minds.

Now they would use the trick that is not the point but they enjoyed the evening that is what I just made sure of.

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