#22 Focusing more on the Youtube Video

When I was home I was thinking of coming here to the Ashram by leaving everything but now that I am here, I am working on the same youtube channel that I had stopped working.

Sometimes I am getting time and sometimes I am not.

But these days I am working all day long on my youtube channel only.

I was given a project and I have completed it.

So, when I am getting the time I started recording my videos more and more.

Now after so many days when I am editing videos again, they are not getting much attention retention. So, to increase that number I am editing the videos all day long.

It is getting harder day by day but I am working with no attachments and when I am recording videos I am not much concerned about the number of videos must go every day but the quality of the video that I should answer the questions people and also video must be of good quality that it should retain the attention.

The videos must be there forever giving value to people then only it can generate an income stream.

Because I can’t create videos every day.

But the question what would I be doing in the future?

Will I be outside of the Ashram?

Or will I be inside the Ashram?

Nothing is clear how will I be? yet there is ease within.

It is because the most fundamental aspect of me is taken care of.

Now, what if I know that I would be living here in the ashram, WIll I still create videos on the same?

Then it is better I may take a month but I must create the best possible videos with the best editing.

Limited videos and that is it.

Only one playlist and one channel are enough. Rest I can make shots only.

Bought the Video Create for 5600. and EV – 1 for 45000.

I just bought a video creation software for a lifetime deal and also a camera.

Now, I have spent a really good amount this time on youtube.

Which I must have done probably a few years ago. But still, it is not late and I had the plan to hit a 1 cr net worth by 2025. I might hut that as well.

Now that I am choosing to go about it seriously.

I must not feel slow and lousy even for a bit.

I will not be focusing on making amazing videos or growing the channel exponancially9.

Terrible videos will be done. Channel might get stagnant.

But I am okay with everything that is happening all I know is I must keep this authentic to me and create videos as I am living my life.

So, the videos might take the direction of a blog or informative and so on.

But I must keep going without thinking of what to create or not.

All I need to focus on is what is the next topic in my mind and what I have to do now about it.

I might try to work on another project because of the spiritual temptation but I must understand that I don’t have much time for that so the energies must be directed towards this one channel.

I must make a list of the videos that I am going to create and I must make the script before recording the videos. Because I must not feel that I could have done better later.

For now, at least keeping the topic and sub-topic in mind is important.

There will be no compromise in video editing, despite the fact that video editing is a hassle. but I must ensure to focus on the now moment and that is what I have been doing till now here in this place.

That must be followed and we will keep going.

I will be aggressive and focused simultaneously trying different things for growth as well.

Kind of videos I would be making.

I must make 1 video a month but I must make it 1 hour long.

Too engaging and a documentary that people would watch for years.

It must be a movie.

All of my videos must be movies.

I will not be focusing on Instagram, it has to be candid content only.

But I must be active there as well.

For sure I will not get time for the video recording and editing but the time that is there for Pradakshina I will choose that for myself.

30 hours I must dedicate in a month to produce a video.

Writing the script can be managed during other times and recording and editing are the main assignment.

Now, Video SEO is also as important as everything else.

I will be specific about everything but will not take anything to my heart.

And I am okay with whatever is happening.

Swapneswar Barik to Undercover Yogi and from Undercover Yogi to Married Monk.

In future I might not get time but 8- 10 I must get for my Youtube. If possible then I can get 1 hour before the Guru Puja for this project.

So, 3 hours I can get for me. Once the Balancing Sadhana is done I might get one hour in the evening to work on this as well.

I am okay with not going for Pradakshina but what happens when I will be learning Soonya?

Sakti Chalana Kriya will stretch till 8:00

So, washing clothes must be done after the I go back to stay from the office or early morning 5 – 5:30.

But the most important is the energies of mine.

If I am not properly focused throughout the time then the panic will come. Frustration will come and I might end up coming out of track as well.

SO for now you don’t only need to be very specific to the spirituality but you can speak about personal growth as well. so your channel must be around that.

This is your personal brand.

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