#3 The First Approach to Youtube Experiment!

1. I will write the script completely.

Every sentence and every word needed to be planned and written in a way that can create audience attention and also will decide how that sentence would be spoken.

2. Video length should be 4-5b minutes.

Because this is the time people can easily spend on youtube. and first 10 videos will be this much only.

I will observe the analytics that what kind of response I am getting.

3. All 10 videos will be stories of my life.

Because stories can easily grab attention and I can make them dramatic.

4. I myself will be the actor and plan and act in each sentence.

each sentence is nothing but a scene for me.

that is how I will make the video. so that by the end it turns out to be a movie.

5. Next step.

I will increase the video’s length to 10-15 minutes and this time I will go beyond my zone and speak about various things yet I will make sure that the content is curious and that whoever watches one they must watch other videos on the channel.

6. Uncertainties

I don’t know what challenges I will be facing so just be open to it and let’s see what can i really do about it.

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