#2 No need to be emotional for youtube!

What do they want?

I always have this question when I am uploading videos on youtube that what people want.

Now till today, I have been following other people and how they are making videos and all.

What are their patterns?

But I must do something new and innovative in order to cut through the noise.

Now, when I did not use get views I used to be disappointed and when some videos never used to go view, I used to think 100 different things what am I doing wrong?

But the process through which I was thinking was not going to end.

Now I can see clearly that this is not a game of content.

what you create is not going to matter to anybody

but still, you have to create something that they must feel valuable.

but is that it?

if that is the only basis of your videos, it will lead to some people only.

Only those people who are interested in that topic.

But that should not be the only way to go about it.

It must be entertaining and engaging and like a game that people must enjoy watching it.

they may not be inclined to the topic but if they watch they must not take away their attention.

Everyone is curious and everyone is like to get entertained so those are the two aspects I can keep in my mind while creating the video.

My idea of grabbing an audience should not be people who are interested in my content but what if a gut starts watching the content and does not like my style, how can I hold him till the end?

Visauce is one of the great examples in that niche.

Now how will I do it, should I copy Vsauce or should I do something that I know so far?

I think this time I must do what comes to my mind

but the game is not of the topic but the attention.

How to grab it and retain it.

the next video whatever I will make., is not important what is its topic, but how will I make will make a difference.

It has to be a movie and each scene must be planned I will make such videos maybe 10 in a year but this must be the basis of my creating videos on the internet.

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